Topics of the course
The main purpose of this course script is to clarify basic concepts that play a role in both economics and business administration and which will be referred to repeatedly in the further course of studies.

After the introduction, a brief historical summary and the classification of business administration as a science await you in the second chapter. Subsequently, key terms from business administration and economics are explained.

The third chapter of the course script introduces the three areas of our business administration degree program. The two sub-disciplines business administration and economics and supporting and adjacent sciences.

You can reflect on the contents you have worked through in the fourth chapter. Here you will be asked questions for your self-monitoring and will be given a case study for processing.

Learning goals
Knowing the similarities and differences between the two sub-disciplines of business administration and economics.

Be able to define business administration as an interdisciplinary science.

Know and illustrate the connection between wants, needs and demand.

Explain similarities and differences between the terms productivity, turnover, profit, profitability and return on investment.

Correct use of terms such as company, business, enterprise.

Know the different representation of production factors in the context of business administration and economics and explain the reasons for the deviation.

Explain the differences between the primary and supporting functions of a company.

Explain the difference between supporting functions and holistic management tasks.

Time expenditure
This is an asynchronous online course. Applicants will receive access to the learning platform upon admission, after which they have full liberty in choosing when to use the provided course material and educational tools. Expect to need 50 to 60 hours in total to complete the course.


After successful completion of the learning path, you will receive an official certificate issued by Private Hochschule Göttingen. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to take a final exam – a submission task. By successfully passing the exam, you will get a certificate for 2 ECTS.
Possibility to attend a live session during the closing event in Göttingen on June 15th 2023. Across participants of all pilots 3 students will receive a travel grant to participate.


Admissions are possible until Febr. 15th. After that, you can start the course at your own pace but have to finish before May 31st.