Topics of the course
After a brief revision of theory background on foot amputations, you learn how to assess your patient. You learn the specifics of the Bellman technique, and the materials are discussed. Casting, plaster rectification, different designs, fabrication techniques are explained. You learn how to do the fitting and gait analysis of a patient, and how to evaluate the device made. During the practical week you will be in a small group where you receive individual guidance and coaching by our international staff, to provide the demo patients with a correct treatment. Professionals taking this course can receive feedback on their first real patient case after the course.

Learning goals

  • knowledge and use of general techniques of partial foot prosthesis
  • you will learn how to succesfully provide your patients with a prosthesis in Bellman technique, from assessment to follow-up

Time expenditure
During the six preparatory weeks from early February to mid March, you take around 5 hours of online classes per week.

From March 13th to 17th, a practical training week is held at Thomas More University in Geel, Belgium. Here the teacher will work with you to apply the theory to the demo patients. After this week, the participants that are in the opportunity to apply the technique directly to a patient can present the case and receive guidance and feedback from the trainer. IMPORTANT: if you enroll for the full course, with practical part, you are required to be present during all of the practical week in March, in Belgium. If that is not possible for you, it is possible to take only the theory part: let us know what option you choose via the application form.

Participants that pass the final theoretical exam will receive a certificate.
Possibility to attend a live session during the closing event in Göttingen on June 15th 2023. Across participants of all pilots 3 students will receive a travel grant to participate.


Participants that bring their own patient can enroll until Febr. 1st. Participants for theory part only can still be admitted, but for participation in practical week without patient all spots are taken!