Topics of the course
How do you find creative solutions to a problem, and how can you turn your ideas and dreams into a market-worthy innovation?
Take this course and find out!
We use a challenge-solution approach:
Small project groups are formed from participants with multiple academic levels and nationalities. During the first steps your group determines a challenging project topic to work on. Overall theme will be ‘green innovations in the P&O sector’. In each monthly online lesson you learn the theory basics of a new step in your process, following the ‘Design Thinking’ methodology. You apply this theory directly to the idea your group has determined together. As an end result, we aim at useable advices and solutions for a more environmentally friendly orthopaedic sector.

Learning goals
– knowledge and use of different Design Thinking methodologies and techniques
– explain what innovation is, what innovative ideas are, what entrepreneurship really is

Time expenditure
One half day per month is fixed with the participants, during February, March, April and May. Here you learn the theory and practice how to apply it in general. These classes are mandatory. They will be held on four Thursday afternoons, always from 2 pm to 6 pm. The dates are 23/2 – 30/3 – 27/4 – 25/5.
inbetween you work online with your small project team to apply this knowledge to your project.

Attendance certificate upon completion of the course.
Possibility to attend a live session during the clsoing event in Göttingen on June 15th 2023. Across participants of all pilots 3 students will receive a travel grant to participate.


Applications are accepted until Febr. 15th.