• Januar - June 2021: stocktaking phase

    We’ve started with extensive online research, looking for contact information for all P&O related programmes at all levels in Europe. A full report was created of this, to base our future work on the statistics provided from this des research phase.

    All education providers that we found will receive our survey, with a few short questions to map the information on the programmes they offer, and the specific needs they would have in our project.

    We will conduct interviews with specialists in the workfield, to gain information about the situation, education and organisation of our professional field in each European country.

    Stocktaking Report PROMOTE

  • June - October 2021: Developing a competence framework

    Lead: Blinc

  • July - November 2021: Course design

    Lead: Human Study

  • October 2021 - April 2022: Learning platform development

    Lead: Blinc

  • March 2022 - July 2022: CPD for educational staff

    Lead: Thomas More

  • March 2022 - August 2023: Pilot phase

    Lead: Scuola Sant’Anna

  • July 2021 - August 2023: Valorisation

    Lead: PFH