The objectives of the PROMOTE project are to provide professionals in the domain of  P&O with continuous training, to bring the profession to an academic level, and to train more highly qualified P&Os for the European market.  (read more)

In detail the following results will be achieved in the three-year project:

  • a modular learning program to close the gap between the existing Bachelor and Master programs in P&O and VET
  • a competence framework for P&O based on the European Qualification framework learning outcome descriptions along with ECTS, ECVET validation systems
  • a competence-based learning and validation approach for the modular study and learning programme
  • a comprehensive piloting phase for the aforementioned three target groups
  • a train-the-trainer course for educational personnel
  • a rich online platform with asynchronous and synchronous learning and collaboration instruments and learning content to support blended learning
  • an inventory of Continued Professional Development units in P&O for professionals
  • an online-based Resource Center for P&O, promoting standards and education
  • a profound implementation and valorisation strategy