This organisation does not exist (yet?;-)). This page was built during the workshops of the Promote Pilot ‘Design Thinking’. It is a rough sketch of what could be. If you are interested in organising a humanitary action like this, please contact the Promote team!


Our goal

‘Steps for life’ aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the orthopaedic technology sector while at the same time helping prosthetics users abroad with no access to prosthetic care to get the components they need. Across first world countries, prosthetics components are dismissed and forgotten once their user grows out of it or is granted a renewel by their insurance system. In lower income countries however, there are often no such well-functioning insurance systems around, and therefore people in need of a prosthetic limb can’t afford that. Our volunteers ensure that the components you donate are organised to be sent to a partner prosthetic workshop in a low income country. The prosthetist there will reuse your component to build a new prosthesis for a prosthetics user there, charging only working hours for the assembly and manufacturing of the custom socket. We ensure this by promising absolute traceability of your donation. The component will receive a code, which you can enter on the designated part of the ‘steps For Life’ website. Once used, the prosthetist and/or the enduser provide information on what was done with your component.


When you donate the component, you’ll sign a proof that you donated the component, you provide us with your wishes concerning privacy, and you receive the code that was issued to your component. Our specialist volunteers will check functioning of the component, and clean/repair where needed. Upon reception of the prosthetic limb, the enduser will sign a liability waver to declare they take responsability for the use of the component.